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Was really looking forward to trying xplane, looks like you guys are headed in the right direction. unfortunately the demo keeps getting hung up and xplane will not start. I was planning on purchasing xplane 10 with the 11 upgrade but i will not until i can see how it will run on my machine. everytime i go to create a dump file it tells me access is denied, only happens with xplane. Hope you guys can fix soon thank you. included the log.txt file

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If you install to the desktop, does it fix the issue? Sometimes if X-Plane is installed anywhere else it will cause issues with permissions.
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Tried that still no good, very frustrating as i really want to try this sim out
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Try running it as a power user or Admin, your dump should work then. I have the exact same problem, it hangs at the screen "run demo or insert DVD bla bla bla" and never go elsewhere. The program use 13% of my cpu but does nothing. Reads et writes on disk are not moving. Still searching clues on the web but no luck. I'm about to write to Laminar on this. I'm using (hem!) 10.50r1 version.

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