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Hi all,

I was doing a flight from Atlanta to Minneapolis on the Rotate MD80 and had a crash, somewhere within an hour of the flight (would put me near chicago or southern illinois I believe).


I'm wondering if someone can help decipher this log? I have Ortho4XP generated Ortho scenery near Atlanta, Chicago, and Minneapolis. Non exist on routes in between these places. Where the crash happened there was no Ortho. From the log it didn't look like it was loading any either. I also have the UHD V3 mesh from AlPilot for the areas I was flying.

In terms of Plugins, I have the Skymaxx V3, Real weather connector, Fly With Lua for Real Terra Haze. And for airports I have Tugmaster and autogate, but these shouldn't be active during flight.

I can't think of a good starting point to try and resolving this, as I'm also afraid of running into it in XP11 even.


The log can be found below:


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Unfortunately, the log does not have a ton of information about the crash in it, which isn't that unusual really. The line at the bottom can refer to anything.

If this is not a recurring problem that happens on every flight, it may have been an isolated incident that may not happen again. If it does happen repeatedly, you can try to figure out if it's a plug in or custom scenery by "divide and conquer": Take away half your addons & see if it happens. If not, swap for the other half. Keep reducing the number of addons until you can narrow it down.
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Thank you, I'll give it a try. Are there possibilities of sceneries that can cause this error? I noticed I crashed a bit north of St. Louis, which was the last set of DSF files that were opened from the UHD.
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Yes, custom scenery can definitely crash X-Plane. The last line of the log before the crash line was for SkyMaxx Pro, so that would be my first suspect....
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I hope it's not, wouldn't want to not use a payware