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So I love using FMS for navigation, but one thing I found out not long after using it is that some fixes simply don't exist even though they absolutely do in real life. I found a way to fix this to some extent via SkyVector, getting GPS coordinates and then typing it in FMS as lat/long but even still there will be cases wherein the fixes are displayed in incorrect locations. I typed the coordinates into Google Maps and looked at actual approach charts. Fix NUBAN not far from CYYZ should not be 400nm away to the east. It's like X-Plane doesn't know how to translate the 43.775833, -79.478833 coordinates to it's proper location. This essentially renders some if not most departures and arrivals useless and really kills the enjoyment for me. I've yet to find a solid way to get what I want, hence question here. Please help. This is so frustrating that this problem alone makes me want to seek out another sim. Thank you for any and all assistance.

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If a fix is missing, you can report it here. Click on the NAVAID tab and enter the information. It will be added for a later update to X-Plane.

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How long does it take to apply the update? Should I get a list going?
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Sometimes it can take a few months before an update is released. If you have a lot, you can submit it to us as an attachment, such as a spreadsheet or text document, if you'd like. Or you can submit them one at a time as you encounter them.

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