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In absence of manual I wonder how to get ILS from the FMS (STAR approach) so you not need to click on the ILS frequence setting for NAV1/NAV2 - directly on the map?


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As long the BUG not is repaired you are not able to get the view of NAV/RAD button - in B747-400. (It's functional in B737-800, but not in B747-400)

Only place to set CRS and ILS frequences (especially when map is wrong) is from that FMS window, not able to be visible. Tthe CRS default value is 0 degr. so imagine a landing at RW 19 or 80/260... LoL.

Shame that this bug not have been repaired, I did a bug-report in Januari. Is I alone flying this aircraft and reporting FMS bugs???

Any solution? Or tip?