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So a few years ago I bought a physical copy of X-Plane 10 and now as X-Plane 11 is out I'd like to get that as it was promised for X-Plane 10 owners, but there's no serial key that came with the simulator.

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If you purchased X-Plane as a digital download before September 2016, or on DVDs, you will either need to buy the combo pack that is still available or wait until X-Plane 11 is released to purchase it.
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Does that mean that if I have X-Plane 10, there will be no upgrade option and I will have to pay for the full version 11?
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Just like in the past, there is no "upgrade" from V10 to V11. You can either buy the special Combo Package that we are offering now - a Digital License and Serial Number to X-Plane 10 that will also unlock X-Plane 11 (for free) or you can buy V11 outright when it is released.
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i did but how do I get 10