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This issue has been stated on here once before, but I just wanted to bring it to light, once again.

I have a brand new Macbook Pro with a nice SSD, 8GB of RAM, 1GB Graphics and a a 3GHz i5 processor. I am aware this is no gaming PC by any means but, with all the hype of being able to run this program on Windows, Linux or OSX, I thought it would at least run on my $2,000 computer.

I have tried running the program with minimum settings, no extra scenery, no reflections, no other planes, and it still won't even give me 15 fps, (before takeoff!) and, as a matter of fact, this program begins to lag even in the setup menus.

I fear, unlike the previous statements made here that this is just beta and funny things happen in beta, that this is a very critical issue with this program that relates to the core of how it was programmed.

I am an actual pilot who would love to use X-plane to practice flying to new airports before I do the flights in real life but, as of now, I don't see that becoming a reality.

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Your hardware sounds like a 13 inch Macbook Pro: Those only have dual core CPUs and no dedicated graphics. Both are a quite good reason why it might be slow. Also they have a very high screen resolution, if you didn't do it yet, try a lower resolution for the game. The high screen resolution requires a lot of power from the CPU, while the game in general is especially heavy on the CPU (I have no idea how much advantage it takes of more than one core though, can be very little, but could also be quite a lot).

That laptop is good for many things, but I really wouldn't expect it to run X-Plane very well. Then again 15-20 fps on low settings should be possible at 1280*800.
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My last response to this issue. It must be an individual system related problem that I am sure will be fixed.  I am getting 40 to 60 FPS with GTX 970 and 16gb RAM

The only answer I can give you at this point is have some faith here.  These guys have been around for years and will have x-plane 11 flying top notch by the time of the final release.
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What resolution are you running at?
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Resolution 2560X1440 with two monitors
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I can confirm same frames pretty much on a similar system is seems: i5820k processor overclocked to 4GHZ (stable), 32GB DDR4 RAM, Nvidia GTX970, X99S SLI Plus motherboard, Samsung 950 PRO M.2 x4 SSD (exclusively for XP11).