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The flood lights for the pilot side of the stock Baron B58 do not light up the panel.  The gauges themsleves are lit, but it is impossible to see the state of the panel switches.  I have tried adjusting the flood light slider and it works with the two co-pilot gauges, but not the main panel.

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Hi John,

Is this new behavior? Do you know if the flood lights worked differently in 10.36 vs 10.42 for example? I poked around the default Baron cockpit a bit but didn't see the slider you mention, only an on/off switch. Could you upload a screenshot pointing it out?
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The flood light switch on the pilots side will only light up the ceiling and pilot seat area, not the instrument panel. All light switches relevant to the instrument panels are underneath the copilots yoke, I think.

Also check if HDR is on in your rendering settings. The cockpit lighting does differ with HDR on and off.
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Is there Key to turn Cabin/Fold lights On  & Off  ?????