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I have a problem with X-Plane11 in settings menu I can configure de CH Joystic but in the cockpit it don work I try the "My Joystick or Yoke isn't working" in the support page but it don't work I still have the problem My Joystick don't move the alieron and elevator The Data Input & Output window don't receive any data from my joystic. Pleas Help.

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Thanks Yes I try these but I dont have any other Joystick, before start the flight appears thes window tell me that I have a uncalibrated device but I have all calibrated I attach this message. did you see this before? I open Joystick calibration, re calibrate all my devices but still the controls dont work

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I get that too.  I have to go into "open Joystick Calibration" and jiggle my joystick each time I start the game.  Then it takes.  You also have to put none on roll and pitch on the uninitialized device per that post I showed you.  That you only have to do once.
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Problem solved thanks very much for Your support.
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Your welcome! Glad you got past that =)

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Once you have successfully calibrated the primary joystick and removed the assignments from the other input device, that message can be ignored when loading X-Plane