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hello i have never created an airport for a flight sim. while playing FSE on XP10 i have had possible assignments i cant complete because a small airport/strip is not on the XP map/list.

1. if i create an airport what  info needs to be exact/match  ( runway heading, elev.) the FSE info ... could i cheat the positioning (angle) of a runway is my main thought to make my routes flow without a lot of turning and arcing.

2 would there be a generic  build i could use or modify on the XP scenery creator.

thank you for your time i couldn't find a straight or complete answer in the forums


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Hi Andy,

If we are missing a real world airport in X-Plane, please let us know by submitting a New Airport Code Request on the bug reporter page of the Airport Scenery Gateway. You'll need to know the ICAO, elevation, lat, long, etc.

Then we would love it if you created a basic scenery pack for the airport. You can get started with the free World Editor software download. We have a manual for the software, as well as some tutorials that walk through airport customization on the developer website (check out these WED video tutorials). 

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I downloaded it will give it a try ASAP ty for the info
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And while we would certainly LOVE you getting into designing airports for X-Plane with a good quality (NO CHEATING to make flying your assignments easier, ONLY realistic airports!), you can also complete your assignment in FSE by landing at the missing airport´s coordinates and then shutting down the engine. FSE does not "know" if there really is an airport there in X-Plane...

Cheers, Jan
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ok thank you for the info, i will try fixing up an airport and see how i can do ... no cheating :)
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Probably your best way to get some help if needed is to go here:

Lots of friendly people willing to help out if you have further questions after reading the manual/watching the tutorial videos.

WARNING: Making scenery with WED can be highly addicting and may affect your social life. Though you won´t care at that point ;-)