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I recently found a free download of a F.15 it does not have a 3.D Cockpit but it is very good. If I compare it with the Raptor that comes with the game. This is the only aircraft I am using on x plane at the moment. Is there any plans to upgrade the existing planes. Please keep in mind that i have no knowledge about these things or what it takes to build a aircraft.Is it more difficult to build aircraft for x plane than for other simulators. The graphics on x plane 10 is the best.,

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We're glad to hear you like X-Plane 10's graphics. Some of the default aircraft that are included with your purchase of the sim are very old and may not have been updated or modernized in a while. We thought it was better to have a lot of aircraft options at that time.

We are collecting anonymous usage data now so that we can see what aircraft are most popular, so we know where to devote the time and development energy in the future. If you are not yet participating, I would recommend you opt in by going to Settings -> Operations & Warnings & checking the box for "send usage data to Laminar Research."