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I am the developer of X-Camera, an X-Plane plugin that offers similar camera management as the FSX EzDok add-on. Some of my users have been experimenting with the new Multi-Monitor capabilities in X-Plane 11. They have reported a problem with X-Camera's external camera where the side monitor do not seem to be getting offsets applied to them.

I'm using the SDK XPLMControlCamera function when an X-Camera external camera is being managed. The function adjusts the data structure XPLMCameraPosition_t elements of x,y,z, pitch, roll and zoom. What is happening is that the side monitors have exactly the same view as the center, in other words no offsets have been applied.

I'm not sure how Laminar implemented multi-monitors but I'm assuming that the side monitors are just another POV that has been rotated by the offsets defined in the X-Plane 11 monitor setup UI. If this is the case is there potentially a bug in the implementation of XPLMControlCamera where the other POV are not being rotated appropriately?

I'm happy to submit a bug report but I wanted to see if Laminar generally thinks this could be a bug.

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Please do go ahead and submit a bug and please include a link to obtain a copy of the plugin for investigating. Our devs can take a closer look and either fix a bug in X-Plane or provide more information on what adjustments (if any) may be needed in X-Plane 11. (Unfortunately our public developer documentation is kind of sparse right now.)

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Thanks, I submitted the bug.