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with the newest update in xplane 10 the atc is just a bar with a curser and I can type on it but it doesnt do anything even if i am tuned into com1.

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I'm guessing you're using X-Plane 10.51 and not X-Plane 11. :)

If that is the case, please go to the net settings screen and make sure nothing is checked. Sometimes people see this if they have multiplayer enabled--then the enter key brings up chat instead of ATC.
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Nothing is checked and it is still just a bar
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Check if XSquawkbox (VATSIM). or X-IVAP (Ivao) or PILOT-EDGE (i.e. Any sort of online multiplayer plugins) are installed. You will likely know if you recently installed them.

These online gaming plugins override X-Plane's ATC (naturaly, as all these above plugins let you use an real/human online ATC, and not XP's built in one)
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Thanks that worked