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I'm using X-plane 10.25 version but I'm not able to unlock it with the purchased USB key.

My configuration is:

Windows 7 (64 bit)

X-Plane 10.25 (build 102503 64-bit)

USB key Basic 325-61 / QEDDW 1056789

I downloaded the HASP driver from the X-Plane website, the installed version is Sentinel Runtime, the USB key is iluminated however the X-Plane still running as a demo version.

Can you please help me on getting my X-Plane unlocked?

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Can you please run & quit X-Plane with the key in, then attach the log.txt?

You might try updating to the latest version (10.51) to see if it helps. If you really prefer 10.25 I would recommend you make a back up or copy of it, then update the other one to 10.51. Then you can go back to 10.25 if desired.
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Please find the Log.txt file attached.
I'm not able to upgrade to 10.51.


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I'm sorry, but I'm pretty stumped on this situation. Has this ever worked or is this a new development? You could try re-installing the HASP drivers to double check the key is working. Otherwise, I'd suggest contacting [email protected] to see if they've seen anything like this before, or if it could be a faulty key.