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X-Plane 10 keeps crashing after I loaded the HASP usb key drivers. So I reinstalled X-Plane 10 (DVDs ver 10.10r3) and tried running it again. Still crashes. The Updater crashes still crashes. I have Window7 Pro 64-bit running on my computer.

X-Plane 10 Install Log from the installation of X-Plane

Install Log after running

Also is there a way to remove the HASP USB key drivers?


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Are you using X-Plane 10 Professional or the USB key to unlock demo mode? If not, you do not need the HSP USB drivers.

On the Mac version of the drivers, there is an uninstall program inside the folder downloaded from X-Plane.com. Check your downloaded file: is there an uninstall program to run inside the HASPUserSetup.exe folder for windows?

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