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I see that the question has already been asked. I read and appreciate the response given, but I don't fully understand the answer.

The person indicated that it will utilize multiple gpu's in the same way that xplane 10 did, but says that there will be no real benefit. I have scoured the "googles" for a more detailed explanation and found people being referred to older xplane blogs and articles that explain why the earlier versions of xplane could not take advantage of multiple gpu's. I understand the reasons given but I can't seem to find any current articles explaining why xplane 11 can't. If it is the same reasons, then so be it, but.... why??

I really want to purchase your product, as I see so much potential. Your night lighting is amazing, the scenery art is really well executed, the planes look great (especially for default) and the UI is the best I've seen in a flight sim.

Unfortunately, nowadays, I just can't go back to anything less than 60fps locked. It is for that reason that I discontinued using FSX a few years ago after over a decade of flight simming. Other titles like current car racing simulators, etc. have moved on and I have simply become accustomed to the level of detail and performance that they offer. Only DCS comes close in the flight simulator realm.

I have been waiting and waiting ..and waiting for a modern alternative to FSX. Prepar3d is not it, the performance is abysmal and Dovetail (who I have limited faith in) just delayed their FSX reboot until next year. I was SO hoping it could be XPlane 11.

I just tried the new demo with medium to high settings on my 2560x1440 single monitor using my 2 overclocked 980's on an i7 4790k @ 4.7, but I simply couldn't maintain 60fps and PrecisionX tells me that only 1 card is running at like 50-60%.

C'mon guys, SLI support please please please. Sometimes you just want to hop in a little Cessna and fly around and look at the scenery. I want it to be Xplane 11. My wallet is open, my hand is on my credit card, and I am patiently awaiting a confirmation of SLI goodness.

Cheers and sorry for the TLDR. I just miss flight simming so much!! :)

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SLI is still not something we have plans to support. In our experience, people often try to use it with multiple low end GPUs, which is less effective than buying a single, more powerful GPU.

As a small independent developer, in our opinion adding this feature would very much be a lot of work, for a tiny percentage of users who have it. Our development time has to be focused elsewhere, where it will affect more users.
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Thank you for the response.

I apologize if my question sounded a little bit "mean spirited". Now that I read it back, it wasn't my intention to sound like a "gimme, gimme" type of person. As a small independent developer, I can appreciate your reasoning.

I wish the answer was different, but if that is the case, then as I said before, so be it. I just really hope there comes a day when a flight simulator can be run at 60+fps locked at over 1440p and with all of the effects present in current aaa titles. **I sometimes wonder what our hobby would be like today, if Aces hadn't closed its doors back then.

Good luck with your sim, it looks excellent and you guys are doing a fantastic job. Maybe when I can afford a Titan X pascal, I'll pop my head back in!

Cheers :)