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I have a problem whereby, following a serial number check at launch, X-Plane will crash within a few seconds of finishing loading

To 'fix' it I have to remove an add-on scenery folder from custom scenery, restart X-Plane, quit, then move the scenery back and relaunch. It will then continue to work fine until the next time it does a serial check.

The scenery is RC Simulations UK VFR Scenery.

Is there a fix?

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I think it´s hard to answer that one based on the data you provide. I would suggest you take up this report to both the creators of the scenery, and also file a bug with Laminar Research - they are very interested in crash reports. You will have to upload some telemetry data (log.txt, crash report,...) to help them track it down.

Good luck, Jan
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I second Jan's answer: We would be very interested to try to reproduce it so we can find the bug that causes this. It's very helpful that you already know exactly what scenery causes it. Definitely file the bug report and attach your log.txt.