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I have looked through this Q&A and searched several other forums, but have yet to find an answer or may have missed it. With using X-Plane 11 so far there is only one complaint, the settings. Is there a way to have "Advanced Settings" to be able to get down to the fine details of everything. Is this coming in a later update or is this not planned? It is nice to enable some features and disable the ones that are not needed. Without it, its kinda hard to move from X-Plane 10.

I remember it being said that they wanted a new interface but not loosing any power, but I take it that doesnt translate to the graphic settings tab?

Thanks for any info!

Adam Yeagle

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Hi there Adam,

I understand your query, but at the moment neither Laminar Research or X-Plane 11 have a exactly laid out a blueprint plan of whats planned for the future, at least not for our eyes to currently see. But, the good news is on the X-Plane Developer website they've just released a statement on what Bugs they're working on for the upcoming release of Public Beta 2 for X-Plane 11; you can find this here.


Although, it is worth you putting in a request for this so Laminar Research have more ideas for future Beta's and the final release. If you're interested in putting in a request you can do so at the X-Plane support page found here.

Under the tab named 'Contacting customer service' you can find emails, phone numbers and even addresses to conveniently send in requests and any other queries you may have.


I hope I was able to help with your question.


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Thank you so much for the information! I will make sure to send a comment their way to see if it can be added.