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Hello all:


I can't seem to be able to get the FPLN working properly. When I go to type in, say, KSEA as my origin city, I get "key not active" or "data not available." The clicks of the letters don't respond at all in the flight planner. I've seen a couple other people with this issue (we can't file flight plans), but I haven't seen a solution. Any insight? Is this just a bug? Or am I missing something?

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The default data provided with X-Plane 11 is out of date, and (like in real life) the FMS is required to notify you of this. You can still use the FMS though! In the simulator it's ok to use out of date data. :)

Try pushing the clear button to get rid of the error messages.
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Thanks for the reply. But my problem is that the simulator doesn't recognize any of my key clicks into the FMS. I hit the FMS --> hit FPLN --> When I try to type in KSEA for the origin city, the "K" "S" "E" "A" don't show up in the FMS. It's like I didn't click them. Not sure if it's a bug or what. I hope that clarifies the difficulty I'm having.
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Please make sure you got the latest fixes by updating to PB2. I had problems in the past as well, but I am now able to use it after clearing through the messages at the beginning. You may have to use CLR a few times?
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JRoberts - can you clarify about what messages and where to find them and also where do we hit CLR? I am having the exact same problem as golfcashoahu.  Thanks.