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Hi, I'm currently trying to download the X-Plane 11 beta, I live in the north eastern US and have 65 mb/s internet.

the installer connects to a server called and on this server it has only ever used at most 5 mb/s and every few megabytes it says unable to download for like 5 minutes then starts again. I'm wondering if I can force it to connect to a better server or what?

Thanks in advance!
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I'm in Seattle on Frontier with FIOS service and I'm experiencing the same problem.

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I'm surprised to hear you're having issues in that area of the US. Our CDN has 7 points of presence between NYC & DC. There is no way to pick what server you connect to, so the only way to modify the situation that I'm aware of would be to cancel the whole install and start over, which might not even yield better results.

I will make a note that this area seems to be troublesome though.
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So I left it downloading from 3 PM yesterday to now, Its about noon it still has not finished. the download manager says about 60 minutes left so I would assume that with the stops another few hours, thanks for your suggestions but I have already tried restarting and it still stopped intermittently
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I'm getting the same issue, in the southeast region of the US (Atlanta)