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Thanks for your reply Jan, the boundary / flatten idea whilst retaining some undulations sounds great.

YTDN is not far from home for me, and i wonder if i were to take detailed pictures and measurements if someone with a bit of time, but no experience could create an up to date and accurate likeness of Tooradin?

Also would it be possible to customize the terrain in that area (the real YTDN 04 is almost perfectly flat), or is that something 'underneath' the airport buildings etc.. that can not be influenced?


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think of airport scenery in X-Plane as something that gets "draped" over the underlying terrain mesh. This terrain mesh is very hard to influence. It is possible to do with the suggestions I made in the other Q&A (rendering options, airport boundary).

There are also other tools available to edit the mesh directly, but this is very advanced stuff and not user-friendly at all.

The best stop for instructions and help when creating scenery is here:

Before you go out and start taking pictures I would suggest downloading (or wait for the very-soon-to-arrive 10.45 version) YTDN here:

and see if you like it (enough). The buildings will be default buildings, so donĀ“t expect them to look exactly like the real thing.

Good luck, Jan