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I have recently purchased Xplane 11 after trying the Beta for a very short time. It was sooo good despite the bugs. It made me take up Flight simming much more seriously. Learning to plan and program the FMC (Boeing one ) this obviously has bugs, but I am hopeful. Well done Laminar ! Anyway the requests/ questions!-

1. Will "safe gates" (or similar) for despatch /parking be introduced (not as a buy on)

2. I (only) once saw taxing arrows do they only work at specific airports or do they need to be activated somehow- I do go through the push back request etc.

3. will the airac data be updated at some future update

4. Will the gates/airbridges be activated/

5. The ATC needs a big enhancement with more options in communicating to ATC and renaming Comms.

6.  I need the Radial (runway heading for course setting) and frequency info for ILS preparation after being given runway by ATC. When using "m" to get the map or IOS. I don't get these until on top of the airport and by then it's too late. Is there a way within the program I am missing or can it be added.

7. Will some more fully featured aircraft be added to our base?

A great SIM keep up the good work!

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I don't have answers to most of these, but AFAIK there are no updates to gates planned.

Taxi arrows can be turned off in the Settings > general screen so make sure they're checked if you want to use them.
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Thanks . They were on already. Turning them off and back on again seems to have cured that problem. I seem to keep getting show flight paths and other similar settings that have to be cycled or turned off and on again to make them behave as they were already set to too.
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If you can find steps or situations in which this happens consistently (and you confirm it happens with all plugins, etc removed) you can file a bug here.