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I have been hearing so much hype about X-Plane 11 that I decided to try it. Something went terribly wrong and  I've been hours at it trying to fix it myself to no avail... When I first ran X-Plane, everything looked good until I loaded up the stock 737-800. The mouse would not operate any of the switches. I could hear the "click" sound when I clicked the left mouse button, but none of the switches would toggle. I could move my view around with the right button. I thought it might have been because I was running 3 monitors and had XP11 running on a secondary monitor. I changed the setting in "Graphics" to run full-screen on my primary monitor, and now the camera is outside the plane looking down on the nose in 3-D/Default view. If I switch views to 2-D, it puts me back on the flight deck.

I receive no errors or abnormal messages at game startup.

It's probably something I've done or set up incorrectly, but I can't, for the life of me, figure out what it is.

Here's what I got:
Lenova gaming PC
Intel Core i7-6700k @ 4.01 Ghz
16 gb ram
Windows 10 Home Edition, 64 bit
Triple 27" HP monitors (HP 27ES)
nVidia GeForce GTX-980
X-Plane 11 beta with current updates

EDIT: I have tried in both full screen and windowed modes with the same result
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Same issue, all default and addon aircraft affected. I had no issues with the first release downloaded, this only started happening after update.
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Update to your question - I had set my panel to my second monitor, it was registering mouse clicks as if the panel was on the first monitor, not the second. Maybe this could help your issue?
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"Same issue, all default and addon aircraft affected. I had no issues with the first release downloaded, this only started happening after update."

I am going to uninstall and reinstall and see if I can say "No" to the update. I'll post my results. It's going to take another 1.5 hours to reinstall :-(

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So... I uninstalled X-Plane 11 Beta and reinstalled from scratch. This time (per your first comment), when I fired up the program, I said "No" to the update prompt. Now everything is working. Go figure... Must be something with the update. I'm still having some issues, like brakes applying on takeoff even with autobrakes set to off, but I think that might just be my Saitech rudder peddles not being set up properly. I'll try and work through that, but for now, it's almost working.

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I'm surprised you were able to skip the update. Are you using the latest installer (4.01r1)? 

In general, you never need to re-install X-Plane if you have not installed any add ons.

We have seen reports of mouse issues with three monitors that we are still investigating for a later beta update.

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That was my issue.
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I have same issue. Double click on another monitor gives momentary control and then locks up again.  Move mouse to free screen double click again and then you get a bit more control when you bring it to the X-plane screen and then locks again.
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Same issue for me .... keep hoping that next update will fix issue but so far no luck.  Just installed a new graphics card in hopes that would fix it, but it made no difference. Tried every mouse setting in windows, no change.  When I click on a third monitor that has windows desktop on it,  I can see a flicker of the screens running x-plane and then I get the mouse for just one click, then it's gone again. Thinking of trying to upgrade windows to 10 ( but really don't want to and wonder if it would help anyway ). There has been a similar problem reported in the past with xplane 10.  and lots of xplane 11 users seem to have the problem. But obviously not so many that it's a defcon 5 problem for xplane. I've been trying to find a common denominator from the other people posting but can't seem to find one.  I am running 3 monitors on a GTX 1050 ( formally a GTX 645 ) on a DELL with Windows 8.1 ( this is about as vanilla as you can get ) the mouse is wired and using the HID-compliant driver from Microsoft.
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This is the Desktop I got:  with but windows 10 profession upgrade.

I tried on 1, 2 and three monitors. Same problem. Defcon 5 is low anyway. we need a defcon 1. We might get it not too soon -  looking at the twitter feed from that one crazed  lunatic.
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well i disagree i have HAD re-install xplane dozens of times because the original 11 .25 all the switches and dials and levers can be operated with the mouse

However if i do the update to 11.31r the mouse WONT work AT ALL!!!!!

whats going on with the upgrade

it seems every update that come along they break somthing