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o7, im new to x-plane, not really, i played x-plane years ago. A friend and me purchased x-plane11 because its the only available actual flightsimulator. MS Flightsim isnt anymore and P3D is not for personal use.

The question is: how to setup shared cockit multiplayer via IP?

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In general, networking in X-Plane works only if you are both on the same network. That could mean the same wifi network if you're able to visit each other at home, or you may need to connect via a third party such as VATSIM. Multiplayer servers is not a service X-Plane provides at this time.

This forum may have some good archives to help you get started, especially this thread.

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Me and my friend used a program called Hamachi to connect our computers together, that way XPlane thinks we are on the same network. XP11 multiplayer worked fine this way
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how exactly was this done and can you provide me with the exact settings you guys use.? were trying to put together an online close formation demonstration but cannot get the program to talk to each other even though I am running the VPN.
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Hi all I've been trying for the last few days, all day to get this to work.

I can see my friend connected on the screen in x plane 11 network tad, but not data is being received?

Do we both have to be on master?
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Hamachi is very good staff for 5 persons free. good solution. Thanks