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I cannot create a wifi connection between X-Plane 11 and Garmin Pilot. It did work with version 10 on the same hardware...

Is the feature not implemented yet or am I missing something?

I am running X-plane on a new iMac 27" and connecting to either a iPad mini or iPad Pro, running the latest Garmin Pilot version. The Wifi I try to connect through is a single access point dedicated to sim-use.

The Control Pad app is working, btw...


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Has Laminar Research provided an answer to this yet. I have Garmin Pilot and am waiting to purchase X-Plane 11 until this is resolved.
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Although there has been no reaction to the bug I filed, the issue has been resolved for some time now. If I recall correctly prior to the release of the official version.

To be fair to laminar research, it started working with a new release of Garmin Pilot.

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I am having the same issue on a Windows 10 system. Garmin Pilot works fine with X=plane 10.5. On the same machine with identical setup it does not work with XP11.
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Thanks for your answer. I will try to find out now how to file an issue with the developers knowing it is one!
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Same issue here with X-plane 11.  Windows 10 here.  Foreflight works fine.  On Android X-plane to GPS works fine.
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Same problem here - can't figure out a way to connect Garmin Pilot app. Will have to keep flying X-Plane 10 in the meanwhile...what a pitty. I spent 60$ on X-Plane 11 and quite some more on the Garmin subscription and can't practice the usage of the Garmin Pilot app in x-plane 11...