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Do we need to buy a new version or is there another way that the 8.60 designed for older macs can run on the OS X ?
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I still run X-Plane 8.64 (Final Version) on a vintage 2004 HP Pavilion with AMD Athlon CPU and GeForce GTX 6200 (AGP).   Looking at X-Plane 8.64 reminds me what a Quantum Leap X-Plane 9 was over 8.  

Concur with 'jroberts' that you would enjoy X-Plane 9 (10 if you have tyhe horsepower) for OS X !


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You can purchase X-Plane 9 or 10 on the X-Plane website. If you need additional help with X-Plane 8, please contact info@x-plane.com. 

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