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I can't see a DME indicator in the 3D cokpit in the default C172.

Am I missing something?


Also I tried editing the cockpit with Plane Maker.

The thing is, it appears empty (empty panel for the 2D, and just the GPS screens turned off for the 3D).

So I tried the VOR navigation tutorial, the view is blocked on the 2D panel....empty. The 3D cockpit isn't empty though.

Don't know if I had this problem before opening plane maker. I don't know how to use this software but I'm positive I never deleted anything, I just "saved as" the default C172 file.

In a flight, I tried to open the 2D cockpit to see if I had the same problem (alt w) and it doesn't show up at all, it seems it loads the default Shift 7 view.

Help would be much apreciated




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here is a screenshot and the Log file

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X-Plane 11 does not include 2d panels for any of the default aircraft.
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Oh my bad.

Thanks for the reply.

The (empty) 2D cokpit was enabeld on my sim for the tutorials for some reason, i just had to click on the view menu and switch to 3D.

Any tips on how I can add a DME indicator in the 3D cockpit though?

here is what I see in plane maker