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Cockpit display is only partial and there is a lot of "blue" area displayed.  Have I got a setting problem somewhere?

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Itd be nice if you provided some information like, Aircraft type and developer, version of the aircraft, etc..

Without this is the help impossible. And attach your log.txt file as well, so we can see any erros in loading aircraft.
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Model was a carvair-v1105 downloaded from  Having similar results with  a Boeing 307 from the same sight.

Any insight into problem would be appreciated.

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I do not see anyproblem with aircraft loading. (Missing textures, etc.)

Are you using 3D cockpit ? Because from screens of these aircrafts it looks like they only support 2D cockpit. So i would start with trying to switch to a 2D cockpit. 

And if it doesnt help then procced as amelingu suggested and that is to contact developer of this aircraft through I think that they will know better, whats going on. 

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Hi, hard to tell without any screenshot, But I don't think these aircraft have a very detailed cockpit. Moreover, this forum is not for third party addons. You are more likely to find help by directly contacting the author of these aircraft, on