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I purchased X-Plane 11 as a present for someone else and planned to download it fully and give it to them on a USB key\external drive   Although the person I bought it for does have internet access they do not have the bandwidth to download X-plane 11 themselves.  After purchasing however I can only download the installer & actually install the product.  Is there any way I can download the complete X-plane data, i.e. all of the scenery etc, and later transfer and install it on a different machine?

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Yes, this process should be possible. Download and install the full sim, then copy it to an external hard drive, flash drive, etc. As long as you are not using the key as well as your friend, it should continue to work for them.
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You can even download X-Plane for a different OS by changing the settings in the installer (use the icon in the top right corner).
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Great, thanks for the quick response!  I'm currently installing it, did not see the OS setting option before starting, hopefully it will still work\can be fixed? (I'm installing on Win 7 x64, my friend has Win 10 x64 I think). To install on their machine will they need to run the installer again to install x-plane 11 (without any scenery) & then overwrite the install dir with the install directory from my machine?  I assume the installer sets up some registry entries etc so just copying my install dir alone to their machine would not work?
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As long as they are also on Windows, there shouldn't be any issue with what you're already downloading. X-Plane 11 is 64 bit only but it looks like that won't be a problem.

The first time your friend runs X-Plane it will establish all the DRM files it needs on their computer, so just copying the install folder to their computer is really all you need to do. You should probably delete the install off of your drives though just to make sure you don't use their key by accident and get it locked. :)