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I have a strange issue with X plane 10 Demo version (I first want to make sure it works before buying the global version).

I run a PC with the following specifications :

Windows 7 Professionnal 32 bits

Mother board MSI Z87-G43 gaming

Intel core i3-4130 @ 3.40Ghz

16Go RAM DDR3 (1333Mhz)

Graphics : Nvidia Geforce GTX650

All drivers are up to date.


When I run the demo version without any joystick plugged in everything works just fine.

If I plug my Saitek X52 Pro (driver up to date) and try to launch X plane, it just freezes on gray the loading screen.

The joystick works fine with other games, and everything works fine when I test it in the "printer and device manager" section.


I downloaded X plane 9 demo to try it, and I have exactly the same issue.


Is this a known issue ?

Thanks for your help.

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Hi Gregor,

Will you please upload two copies of your log.txt (found in the main X-Plane folder)?

1. Start the demo WITHOUT the hardware plugged in, quit & rename the log.txt (otherwise X-Plane will overwrite it during the next step).

2. Start the demo WITH the hardware plugged in, quit & send that log.txt too.
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Thanks for your quick response.

please find enclosed the two log files you asked me for.


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Hi Gregor,

A couple other things to check:

Is the hardware plugged directly into the computer?

Can you start X-Plane then plug the equipment in after it loads? What is the result?
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I finally solved my issue with X-plane and my joystick Saitek X52-Pro. It was totally hardware related, and nothing to do with X-Plane. Saitek X-52 Pro is not fully compatible with USB 3.0 drivers and that was why X plane won't start when it was plugged in. I just uninstalled USB 3.0 drivers and everything works fine now.

It is very tricky because some games would work even if USB 3.0 driver is installed, and some won't. It is a known issue with Saitek X52-Pro joystick.


Thank you for your help,
I'll try the demo for a few days and may buy the global X Plane then.
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Thank you for updating us with the results! I will make a note in case it comes up in the future.