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I am new to X Plane and haven't purchased anything yet and was wondering if i purchase this X Plane 11 version thats is out would i have to pay any extra when it is officially released Like will anything change??? have looked at reviews and it seems AMAZING!!!!

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I purchased many previous versions of x-plane (on version 9) and usually go every other version.  If you purchase X-Plane 11-Beta, you can get this new version along with the previous version of x-plane 10.  The activation key works for both versions.  

Id say treat yourself and enjoy.  The new version is amazing and the older version 10 is no slouch itself.
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If you buy X-Plane 11 Beta now you get a free copy of X-Plane 10 along with final release when 11 goes gold.

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"have looked at reviews and it seems AMAZING!!!!"

If you are into aviation, buy this product.  It's not a game but an instructional tool that will help if you have the desire to become a real world pilot.