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Since the new update on mobile (10.4), I've noticed that the gear on the 777 and 747 no longer tilt. I was wondering if there was any fix for this (I'm running iOS 10.2 on a 6s) or if it will be fixed in a future update. Another thing that I noticed is that extending the flaps on the 747 causes the plane to pitch up uncontrollably, making it near impossible to land well. Issues aside, I was wondering if an engine view was going to be implemented (basically a wing view from the front). The planes look amazing and better views would definitely help show it off. I also hope that the replay system will be overhauled soon. It records too short a time and the sounds, instruments, and some animations (yoke, wingflex) don't show up. Overall though, it's an amazing app. Great detail on the planes and airports, failures, and now the instruments.

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I have filed a bug for the gear issue. Many of the aircraft already have quite a few views to toggle through so I think we are holding off on adding more for now.