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I have been running the stated version of X-Plane on iOS 10.3.2. Lately I have been focusing on using the G530 and G430 for navigation. Specifically I have been programming the JNU5.SQM departure from Juno airport in the Cessna 170 into both the 530 and 430. As I am not skilled in these procedures this often requires a lot of time to be spent zooming in and out of that area of the control panel. After takeoff I also have to zoom into the autopilot area of the panel to enable the NAV function. As I do this I sometimes notice that as I zoom out to the full panel view I have lost calibration for control of the airplane using the tilt of the phone.

Yes yes, I know you're going to say the plane won't respond to me when on autopilot but it is when for some reason or another the autopilot becomes disengaged and I need to suddenly manually control the aircraft that this becomes noticible.

Even if I go to the menu system and recalibrate there is no change in responsiveness. This is most often noticed in the pitch angle as that is what I am most likely to be controlling while the heading is controlled by the NAV computer.

Of note, I shall need to pay more attention and will update later but I believe that in the worst cases I put the phone into multi-task and view data in other windows from actual departure charts and sectionals.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

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