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Stock X-Plane 11 is missing GPS approaches for KDHN.

Is there something I'm doing wrong, or is the newly adopted Navigraph database incorrect/incomplete?

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Which GPS approaches for KDHN are you missing? I have compared the XP11 default 1611 database with the free AirNav charts and have found all RNAV(GPS) approaches ... the Navigraph database is complete, what I have seen
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The data may be there, but the approaches aren't available in the GNS530 or 430. None of the approaches are available for KDHN in the third beta. Wondering if the data parsing is hitting a snag?
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Understood, so it´s a XP11 issue - but it´s a beta, so I´m sure, they will fix it ...

By the way, we have tested it with the 767 Professional and the IXEG737 (which use the same dataset in the same location as the default aircrafts), and with this addon, you can select the approaches ...