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Using X-plane 11.10, with multiple aircraft (X-Plane stock planes, Carenado, etc) that are RNAV LPV (WAAS) capable. More than half the time the LPV glide slope does not display and more often than not vertical guidance is not provided. Is this a known bug with X-Plane? Is it being addressed?

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The stock GNS530 seems to do fine for me - Just did 25L GPS Z into KPHX (Phoenix).

Remember you have to activate Appoach mode for LPV - NAV won't do it.

None of the aftermarket planes I have (Rotate MD-80 or JAR Design A320) have implemented GPS/LPV in their modelling and I can't get those to work (FMS/MCDU Nav types) including the Zibo 737.


Guess I should try the stock 737 FMS...
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Yep, Approach mode is activated. When crossing the IAF the GNS430/530 should transition to LPV, which it does for me every time. I will activate the Approach mode after the final vector to intercept the Final Approach Course. Only rarely does the GS display on the HSI, even though the Approach mode has been activated and confirmed on the Auotpilot annunciator. There is definitely a bug of some sort which may be specific to my x-plane 11 installation but I am not sure how to trouble shoot it.
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Yeah something is amiss - I am running the latest Beta update from this week - Maybe give that a whirl.