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I'm very new to flying, so please excuse me if this is a very dumb question.  How and what do I set in the default Cesna when given a heading and altitude to keep?  I'm doing the flight school right now and I'm a bit confused.  Thank you!

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In the tutorials, that is all set up for you behind the scenes. 

In a regular flight, you can also tune your radios automatically by clicking on the NAVAID in the map, then clicking the "Tune NAV1" button for example. Clicking the "ILS Approach" will also tune your radios and the OBS needles.

If you'd like to learn the basics to do it manually, here are some tutorials that might be helpful to get started.

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Thank you for the response.  Can you explain if I'm trying to go to a certain airport how to see it on the map and tune my NAV1?  I don't know how to see the airport on the map as the map is limited.  Thank you!
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The map is limited to a small area around the airport you are currently at, so tuning radios through the map is probably only helpful if you are trying approaches only, not a full flight. Make sure you are using the correct map type (ILS beacon icons don't show up on the VFR map for example). Click on the icon to open the inspector box for the tuning and approach buttons.