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I'm having an issue in the flight school (XP11) where after I begin flying for some time, any screens in the plane begin to blink, some needles begin to jump, and any light that is on (like a light button) begin to flash.  I'm not sure what's happening and I can't fly very well like this.  Thank you!

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Hmm, I haven't heard of this before so I'll need more specifics to try to investigate. What tutorial is it? At what point does this happen?
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Also please include a log.txt from the main X-Plane folder. Make sure you quit X-Plane completely before attaching it.
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I have the same issue.... every panel starts blinking and it say ATC communication might not be possible as airplane power is off (which it isn`t - switched it off and on again ... starts blinking again after a few seconds) - i also have this in free mode flying.

ERROR: language file line 'Your aircraft power is off.====' missing right side translation. ...

Please check :-)



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