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On X-plane 10 Moblie, I had a lot of in app purchases. On the update with the 737-800, I suddenly lost all of my in app purchases.

I had bought...

The Piper Super Cub

The Baron B58

The Bombardier CRJ200

The Airbus A320

The Boeing 777

The McDonnell Douglas MD-80

The Boeing 747

Sikorsky S-76

F4 Phantom II


All of these in app purchases suddenly just one day vanished and it says I need to repurchase them. It also says that I need to be signed in to my Apple ID in order to make the purchases. I bought the app in the same Apple ID I am in now, and I tried to repurchase it in that Apple ID. I don't know if I should delete the app and re download it, I don't know if it will delete all of my purchases for good and there will be no chance of retrieving them. I cannot seem to figure out either the problem with the Apple ID and I think that most likely plays the biggest role.

I am on an iPad if that helps.


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Make sure you're logged into the Apple ID you used to purchase the aircraft with in the device Settings. Make sure it's using the correct ID under the iTunes & App store section. Then close the app entirely (by double pressing in the home button then swiping up on the app) and restart. You may need to restore purchases in the app's settings as well.