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I have an original copy of Xplane 10, 8 DVD for mac -

I can provide all the pictures that you want even with a picture of them in front of this email to prove it.

Since one week my dvd drive on my mac got broken.

I cannot run anymore plane 10 except in demo mode.

Is it possible to have a serial number of xplane in order to run it without DVD?

I got it installed since years and I'm an IVAO member as well with different flight hours


waiting your feedback


with my best regards

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Right now you can purchase X-Plane 11 digital download from and the product key you receive will also allow you to download X-Plane 10 for free.

If you do not want both versions, please email me a receipt or picture of the DVD set for information on purchasing just the X-Plane 10 digital download.
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Thank you for the reply.
Can you please provide me your e-mail address in order to send you the picture of the original DVD set?
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Sorry, it's [email protected].