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Hey guys,

First of all, I wanted to apologies for my english (this is not my mother tongue..) So here is my problem : I bought myself X-Plane 10, a year ago. I used to play it on my old computer, with shitty configuration, so I decided to buy myself a new one with better configuration.

I installed it on my new computer, and I thought everything was fine until I tried to play with the 3D cockpit. Well, to be honest, this view works with some planes (Cessna 172 for example) but doesn't with some others (KC-10 for example) and I don't know why. I tried to re-install it, but it's still the same, as you can see :


Does anyone here know why I have this problem ? If yes, how can I solve it ?

Thank you,


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The stock KC10 does NOT have a 3D cockpit in XP 10.  Switch to 2D if you want to fly it. Click VIEW, then click Forwards with Panel.

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Feel myself like a dumb right now. I thought every planes had their own 3D Cockpit, so I didn't expect such answer. Anyway,

Thanks Mattrauch for helping me !
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Yeah, it depends upon the plane's developer whether or not they want to go through the trouble of building a full 3D flight deck.  I use a very good Airbus 332 with only a 2D flight deck and it works fine.

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