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When trying to export DataRefs to a COM port on Windows 10 with latest X-Plane 11 Beta, the following error appears (before crashing): Be advised: Can't set com state! (hardware.cpp:374). I get this even before I can change the COM port. Perhaps some error handling that's not correct?
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I have the same issue with the same error in Win10.
I have to click "Understood" and the sim exits/crashes.

I have found that IF I disable the COM Port (COM1) in Windows device settings, I loose the controls and radios, but the sim loads, and does not crash.

I'm using PFC throttle/gear/flap with rudder trim, and a radio stack via COM port.
Wonder if there are particular port settings (BPS/DataBits/Parity/Stop/Flow) etc?

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Any time X-Plane quits like this, please file a bug. Please be specific and list all the steps you take to see this issue happen.