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I will be converting a 5 computer simulator for personal use in my home from FSX to X-Plane 11. Is the networking component fully functional in the personal edition? Would this require 5 licenses at $59 each (approx $300) or do I need to buy 5 USB keys for the professional licenses at $750 each ($3750) ?  What about the advanced spherical projection features?  Is there any way to unlock these for personal use in the standard X-Plane 11 product?  Thank you.

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The networking function isn't different between the professional version and the home version but the spherical projection is a feature of the professional version. NVIDIA supports warp and blending which, however, might also work for the standard version. Perhaps also you would like to consider to move to a single computer  instead and save on license cost? We are currently evaluating X-Plane Beta on a single computer with an NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1080 and five 55" external monitors in an Airbus A300 commercial cockpit and a separate networked computer with three monitors for the instruments (using Panelbuilder).