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And also, is there a limit to the number of computers that I can install the full version of X-Plane 11 on with one key as long as I only use one at a time? For example, I have it installed on my home PC right now, but I'd also like to install it on my laptop in case I choose to use it, and I'd like to install it on a PC at school we use for an aviation club so that I can use it once a week during the club. Can I do all three of these with one product key?

Just to reemphasize: I fly at home, but I'd like to use my key on the computer I use for aviation club as well. Is that possible if I'm using them at different times? The IP addresses differ - will that cause my key to lock?

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You can use the same product key for your personal computers. You will need to purchase another license if you run X-Plane on multiple computers at the same time.
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Hi - Our digital license are intended for use on only one computer. Switching back a forth between systems will automatically disable your key, I'm afraid. Thanks!
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Thanks for the response. I only asked because everything else I read had mixed responses and the last thing I want to do is get my key locked.
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Does it mean that I have to buy one copy for my home computer and another copy for my laptop ???
I use my stand alone computer or laptop, so I want to run my X-Plane both on my home computer or my laptop (not at the same time e.g. when I am out).