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Recently my X-plane 10 3D cockpit stop working. It doesnt matter which aircraft I choose, I cant click anything in the 3D cockpit. Also only some of the animation work. For example, I have the Airfoil labs C172, and the throttle and mixture knob will move if I use my throttle quadrant, but I cant manipulate it with the mouse. Also the yoke animation doesn't show in the cockpit, but if I go outside the aircraft, I can see the animations of the flight controls working. I also tried the Jardesign Airbus, and its the same thing, the joystick moves, but I cant click any button or turn a knob with the mouse.

I'm currently using the steam version, and I already tried validating my files three times, and it didn't help.

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Make sure your view is set to the 3d cockpit and not the 2d one by accident. Further troubleshooting help can be found here or through the Aerosoft forums.

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My view is set to 3D view by default, I even double checked the rendering settings to make sure. I can look around in the 3D cockpit, I just can't click anything.
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I think I figured where the problem is with the 3D cockpits. I tested the Airfoil labs C172 3D cockpit, and it still didn't work, so I loaded the default C172, and I was able to see the buttons and yoke move in the 3D cockpit. So I can confirm that 3D cockpits aren't working in payware airplanes. So I think a common plugin among the payware airplanes is the culprit. Can anyone help me figure out why I can't use 3D cockpits in payware airplanes?