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I cannot click any of the switches or buttons in the cockpit on X-Plane 11.  Any ideas n what I can do to fix this?
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Got the same problem nearly for all Cockpit functions. Did you solve that issue?

I'm able to click and switch at least some buttons
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I figured it out.  I built a new computer and it worked on there.  I think it was because my computer had too low of specs to run x plane properly.   But I wish they would make more of the buttons available to interact with

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Not all buttons, dials and switches work on all aircraft.  To see what can be changed on a particular aircraft, start XP-!! and pick an aircraft and location.  When the plane is visible, select VIEW from the top pop-up menu, and click SHOW INSTRUMENT CLICK REGIONS and SHOW INSTRUMENT DESCRIPTIONS.  This will let you know what is changeable and what each instrument does.  Hope this helps.

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