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To start off, the yoke works fine on the ground with every other plane in the 11 beta.  I am not sure if my brake button has some toggle effect where it locks either left or right tail brakes but, as I taxi, the plane will become impossible to handle and turn HARD either left or right randomly.  Anyone else experiencing this?

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Is it because of a malfunction? or are u pressing something that you do not want to press. Please provide more information

Lex Teo
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maybe I just don't understand the default setting for the "brake" function on the Saitek flight yoke.  does it alternate between various toe brakes each click of the button?  no other plane functions this way but as soon as I put the brakes on the Cessna it decides to pull left or right and is uncontrollable otherwise...talking about as I am taxiing.
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My was working fine.  Now I have the same problem after the update any one has a fix