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While updating xplane11 to beta5 I lost my internet connection several times. When I finally got the update I got a message saying that the program was not meant to work on windows 10. Fortunately I noticed very quickly that the .exe was 0mb so I ran the installer again and it finally worked. Then I was trying to figure out how to update the airac for the x737 project plane without much success. The thing is that after messing around and restarting x plane a couple of times, I got a message saying that I had to unlock it. I didn't do it because I have the digital edition and I read somewhere with a different product that using the key several times could be a problem. So in this moment I have used my key just once, I didn't unlock it for the second time I will stop using X plane 11 until I have further information about it.

I hope somebody can help me with my concerns.

Thank you


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You can use again your product key to unlock the full version of X-Plane. If any problems occur you should contact customer support at [email protected].

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Thank you very much for taking the time to answer. I unlocked x plane and everything seems ok. Now I have to learn how to fly the 737 because every time I try to land I lose control of the plane.