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I just downloaded X-Plane 11 and I am having some trouble with it. I know that it is only a BETA version, but maybe I missed something.

I cannot open all the doors in the B737, even if the parking brake is set. I also configured the keys in the menu, f.ex. I am trying to open the first cargo door with alt/option + shift + 1, but it is not working.

My device is a MacBook Pro.


By the way, I also have another problem. Sometimes, if I am starting the simulator, there are some pink/purple and black lines in front of a plane.


I am using the latest version of X-Plane 11 beta.


Hope this is the right way to let you know my problems.


If you have any questions, ask in an answer or a comment below.

I am not English or American, so I would really appreciate it if you could use easy words :-)


Thank you!
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Opening the doors in the 737 may not actually be modeled--it may not actually be possible. I have never tried it, so I don't know if it should be or not.

The pink & black lines are probably the flight path. You can turn it off under the View menu > Cycle 3d flight path (you may have to pick the option multiple times).
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Alright, thank you for the answer.

By the way, do you know another B737 for XPlane (not the standard) where I am able to open the doors? (Free- or payware)

Or do you think the developers will do that in the future?


And thanks for the tip with the flight path, I solved it.