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The automatic throttle in 747 still does not work.
Various problems with APP and LOC.
is one of only planes I fly, when it will be solved this problem?
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I agree, also problem 4 me.

And Autopilot on/off - not proper, lamp is stay ON

And instrument light ON/OFF = ? All light is default OFF = Problem to start after sundown
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In later beta 6, SPD started to work, but with another problem, it is not possible to turn off, well, on the keyboard I assign Alt + S to function, now I can turn SPD on and off, so I can operate 747-400 better.

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The game is still in Beta, so expect bugs like that, I'm sure they will be over when the game is fully released.

Perhaps send your question + log.txt to their customer support email found i believe on
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Thank's for the advice :)

I've already tried the bug support!

In fact there is new bug's in nearly each pb-release for B744 and for a while I was reporting them all.
However I think my tactic from now on is to be on hold and eating the bugs because is no meaning to get new bugs each time one of them is fixed. I.e. - Still to many bugs in the FMS and not possible to land on "ordinary" ILS if you have set the FMS, as you  need to do when getting instructed vectors.  (When you fly on Vatsim)

Hope you are right that it will be a xp-11 release - without bugs...