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Display where you set the FPLN in boing 747 does not turn on.
All displays are on, all active systems but the display to set the flight plan remains off. Same situation if I turn off the airplane the display stays on !!

How can I fix this situation?

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I had the same problem when upgrading the trial to the full version of X-Plane. I had to download a "Secoond Copy" with the X-Plane Updater to fix that.
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You have uninstalled and reinstalled the program?

If you did differently, you tell me how you did it?

Thanks so much!!
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First I downloaded the demo version and unklocked it with the purchased key, then i had no fms working.After that i installed a new Version with the "Xplane-Updater.exe" located in the XPlane folder. There is a option "Install a Second Copy" which lets you install Xplane again in a different Path (i use it also to try out new addons or plugins).
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I tried and nothing ... plane perfectly lit, but the display is turned off ...

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If I start with the plane ready to take off the display is on, but if you turn off the display stays on !!