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No problem opening and running the X-plane 11 Installer.exe.

Thereafter good progress in downloading until the very end.

The process stalls at "Finishing up.....

See screenshot


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If i were you I would close the application, the reopen it. It will scan your files, and finish hopefully.
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Unfortunately no joy.

Tried to update. System stalls on last part of process.

It tries to connect with server "Highwinds CDN", connects and has just a few more minutes to download, the disconnects with: "unable to download".

Checked firewallsettings and allowed X-plane.
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And this continuosly.

Tried different browsers, eg. IE and chrome.
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He's not alone, the "server Highwinds CDN" is extremely slow.

Attached is my install screen as well.

Laminar, are you going to do anything at all about this?

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